Custom design

Mune Studios offers custom mama metal jewelry to help tell your story through unique journey jewelry. When you hire Mune Studios for a custom you are helping a small mama-ran business. It is my intent to create a custom for you that is heirloom-quality and will last for many memories to come.

custom mama metal jewelry

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Typically when you come to me for a quote I work with you to determine what your needs are. I will even do a couple of sketches to make sure I fully understand your request and can better assist you in providing a quote at that point. Payment in full is due before I begin working with any metal and tools. Until I send a Paypal invoice you are under no obligation to work with me, however you may not take my sketches or mock-ups to another artisan. I also do not give permission to take the sketch/mock-up and attempt to make it yourself.

Mune Studios and myself (Chalea) retain all rights to a custom commission. This means that I retain the rights to make other pieces like it in the future. I may offer you the ability to purchase an exclusive contract with me, meaning for a fee I will agree not to make the exact jewelry again. I cannot however assure that competitors wont make their own interpretations on the theme or inspired design. Otherwise I may make small or drastic changes to future renditions of the piece if I desire and sell them to others. All profits would belong to Mune Studios.

Mock-ups or drawings done by Mune Studios of custom mama metal jewelry may NOT be taken to other artisans.

I will not take mock-ups or drawings done by other mama metal artisans of custom mama metal jewelry without their express written permission either. I will not knowingly recreate pieces that they have done. I will not accept photos of another artisan’s work, nor will I knowingly break any copyright law. I will not knowingly incorporate items that are trademarked or copyrighted. If Mune Studios or Chalea becomes involved in a legal dispute over the piece you agree to indemnify Mune Studios and Chalea against the other party.

Estate pieces: For family heirlooms and estate pieces I am happy to take a look and put my own spin on the piece if you want a custom made based on one. If there is an active copyright known I will instead work with you to come up with an original idea instead.

I do my best to give an accurate quote on time and price. Please allow for a 10% variance in both. I give action and in progress shots of your custom mama metal jewelry during the creation so please provide input throughout the process. Once the piece is hardened it is really hard to go back and make changes. If you request drastic changes I reserve the right to require an additional material fee which we can discuss, however I have not had to utilize this part yet.

You agree that I am able to “spam” aka show off the piece on all of my social media outlets, advertise, and even show the design in person through printed and in demonstrations. If the piece is a surprise then please give me a heads up so I can be respectful of that.

If this process speaks to you and you would like to work with me, I invite you to fill out the below contact form or feel free to reach out to me via pm on Facebook: – your custom mama metal jewelry is whatever you dream it to be!