Ease yourself into self care

I’ve ran across things my whole life that I will pick up knowing how happy it would make me to own that item, only to put it back down when I talk myself out of it because I’d only be buying it for me. I’d convince myself that it was too much money, that there were other things I needed to purchase first, and yet I would pick something else up for my kiddos or a friend and place it immediately in the cart without any further dialogue. Sound familiar?

As a mother why do we come in last, even with ourselves? Over this past year I have sought to change my mindset on that. If I fill my own cup then in turn I’ve got more to help others with.

Start small!

You can practice this in your life too. Start with taking 3 minutes to yourself. (Yes, you can!) It can be a walk, sitting in your car, or even locked away in your bathroom to start.

As you and your family get more comfortable with this practice begin taking longer stretches for you. Try turning it into a 15 minute stroll somewhere that makes you happy. Pretty soon you may even find yourself on hour long stretches to do whatever your heart desires.

It doesn’t have to be time…

You may be surprised at the change in your mood after a cup of tea! One of my favorite self care routines now includes a wonderful cup of tea, especially with handcrafted selections made by L.A.C.H. of Altar and Leaf. (No I’m not being paid, her tea really is amazing! https://www.altarandleaf.com)

altar and leaf tea

Sometimes it’s the company you keep.

Keep in touch with your friends. Life can get busy but know that those are the people who chose you. They often times know the secret to helping you realize how amazing you are.

Sound off!

I’d love to hear how you honor yourself through self care. Please join us in the Tinkery group on Facebook!



Chalea is the metal maven behind Mune Studios. She enjoys living in the PNW in Washington state with her family. She’s been making jewelry for approximately 10 years now. Making parent-friendly mama metal as well as affirmation jewelry has given her much joy. She’s a natural-minded parent to two little ones. Other hobbies include refurbishing antique sewing machines, loving handwoven textiles, as well as donating a portion of the food she grows to the local food banks.