Mama Metal – Heirloom quality legacy charm jewelry

Jewelry and mama metal can stir such wonderful emotions and memories for us.

Imagine jewelry you can gift into the future. It provides a great way of telling your legacy. Mune Studios is here to meet your jewelry needs, through customized silver jewelry and with mama metal.

mama metal necklace


Today’s jewelry market is flooded and it can also be of concern of what may be lurking in the metals. The Argentium silver Mune Studios uses is traceable back to the metal source, and is considered eco-friendly as it responsibly recycles silver scraps and is milled right in the USA. You can be assured that there are no heavy toxins.

mama metal heart charm

Mama metal is:

  • Built stronger than traditional jewelry
  • Necklaces made for you to wear as mothers of little ones
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Custom charm jewelry to tell your story


Mama metal is not made to be indestructible.

Yes it is hardened however you want the chain to “give” at some point.

If it did not then it could become a strangulation hazard for the wearer. It’s handcrafted jewelry and I’ve built it with careful attention to detail however you cannot allow little ones to swing from it or allow children to yank on it as hard as they can.

It’s great to help capture their attention during snuggle time, and we encourage those little hands to explore the designs which make the sweet melody through the charms movement! Mama metal is great for redirection away from too much external activity.

mama metal

So how do you care for your mama metal?

When you go to put on your mama metal take a moment to inspect it. Make sure there aren’t any weak spots or cracks starting. If there are then contact your artisan right away to see if repairs can be done. (It’s important to note that not all artisans do this as a complementary service either and is best to check with them.) If your piece is fine then you’re good to start wearing it.

If you notice it starting to tarnish or isn’t as shiny as you like then cleaning is easy. Just use a toothbrush and some baking soda along with some running cool water. Gently brush the baking soda on and then rinse off. Dry and then resume wearing; it’s that simple! 🙂


What types of themes would mama metal be good for?

Mama metal makes for a wonderful gift!

Some themes or celebrations for gifting mama metal:

  • New baby
  • New mother
  • Celebrating a new household addition
  • Gift for her
  • Friendship gift
  • New home
  • Breastfeeding awareness
  • Babywearing jewelry
  • New job
  • New chapter in someones life
  • Big life changes
  • Memorial for a cherished loved one
  • Remembering a big trip
  • Nurturing a little one
  • Big life change
  • Self care
  • Celebrating your mama tribe
  • Group customs
  • Marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Adoption
  • Memorial
  • Doula appreciation
  • Affirmation jewelry
  • Legacy
  • Family heirloom
  • Life event
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
Mune Gear / Mama Metal with a Singer 12 in the background.
Mune Gear / Mama Metal with a Singer 12 in the background.

Please keep in mind that these reasons are not all-inclusive for celebrating with mama metal either. In the comments below please tell us how you use your mama metal?

With gratitude, thank you so much for reading. If you’re moved to add to your mama metal collection, please follow the link below:


Thanks for reading!


Chalea is the metal maven behind Mune Studios. She enjoys living in the PNW in Washington state with her family. She’s been making jewelry for approximately 10 years now. Making parent-friendly mama metal as well as affirmation jewelry has given her much joy. She’s a natural-minded parent to two little ones. Other hobbies include refurbishing antique sewing machines, loving handwoven textiles, as well as donating a portion of the food she grows to the local food banks.

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