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I’m Chalea, that metal mavin behind the torch and hammer over at Mune Studios, where I create gorgeous handcrafted jewelry that is safe for people with sensitive skin, yet made tough enough to meet the demands of daily wear. I work a lot in an eco-friendly recycled silver alloy milled here in the USA and love to utilize stones, crystals, and leather in my designs.

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♥ Mune Studios has always been a place within my heart where I have found such joys in following my creative spark. The name came to be as a unique spelling of the word “moon” which has always captivated me as well as all of the wonders in nature. It seemed fitting that the name could span over my many passions in expressing art that people can see, touch, and experience.

♥ It became my mission to make creations that really speak to those who have sensitive skin. I was not able to wear a lot of jewelry growing up, because of the nickel content, and had wished that there were more out there. That wish spurred my passion to offer people options. I make each piece by hand with attention to detail; with beads and components that are carefully selected from yesterday’s trinkets, mom-n-pop shops, & small manufacturers who share my commitment on using safe materials. Each piece is heirloom quality and will help make special memories for years to come.

♥ My Mune Gear line was developed after careful research and experience in making charms from eco-friendly recycled Argentium silver that’s milled right here in the USA. It consists of a chain system with double-ended clasps which clasp onto the charm. The charm or group of charms make up the other half of the system. Since the clasps are worn on the front directly on the charm, you’re able to switch out charms as you desire quickly and safely. Since the clasps will accommodate a variety of charm sizes you can purchase just one chain and build up your charm stash from there and I am happy to accommodate custom charm commissions.

♥ As a parent I try to keep strength in mind when crafting my pieces and Mune Gear has been well received to date by parents, grandparents, and other caregivers and is also known as “Mama Metal.” My use of thicker chains are so little hands can wander up to play with the charms while worn by an adult, creating that twinkling noise I’ve come to know and love. The pieces have been fused with my torch, hammered, and hardened right in my kitchen stove since there aren’t harsh chemicals involved.

♥ For the latest behind the scenes photos and sneak-peak information on upcoming products please be sure to visit Mune Studios on any of the following pages:

Facebook chatter fan page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheTinkery
Official Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/MuneStudios
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MuneStudios

♥ Handmade is very much alive with Mune Studios and I am happy that you stopped by to learn a bit more about this business.

For fun, here are some of my earlier artworks:

hope  5a

8a  1a

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