When you sign up for my email updates I promise I will not sell or abuse your information… I hate spam as much as you do!


Please post payment at the time of purchase- I am set up with Paypal. You can purchase your items even if you don’t have a paypal account; simply process as a direct payment with your credit card of choice without having to log in.

If there’s been an accidental choice in product please contact me so that we can get things straightened out. Please do not pay for the item you do not want before contacting me first.


Please note I will only ship purchases to the address listed in Paypal at the time of purchase. If you’re going to be moving soon please update your shipping address first, complete your purchase, and leave a note in the checkout notes section on which date it would be ok to ship. At the present time I am only set up to ship within the USA however as soon as I am able I will open up the site for world-wide shipping.

Once your package is in the mail I do not have control over the piece anymore and I expect USPS to deliver the piece to you in a timely fashion. I do offer complementary tracking on all purchases which typically will give an anticipated delivery date in most instances. If there is an issue I would be happy to work with you in reaching out to USPS. Insurance coverage is only payable to Mune Studios and attempts to collect the parcel insurance without discussing with me (Chalea) and gaining permission will void any additional requirements from Mune Studios.

Unclaimed: If a package is returned as unclaimed you will be responsible for paying the additional appropriate postage to have the item sent back out to you. By purchasing the piece you acknowledge that you may not seek to have your purchase price refunded if you do not claim your item from USPS without express permission from Chalea with Mune Studios.

Tariffs/Customs fees: Mune Studios and Chalea are NOT responsible for tariffs or any customs charges that are assessed by the receiving territory and are responsibility of the customer. Mune Studios will not pay or reimburse customers for this fee. By purchasing the piece you acknowledge that you may not seek to have your purchase price refunded if you do not claim your item from your postal provider without express permission from Chalea with Mune Studios.

Mune Studios declares full value on any customs formwork.

Refunds and Exchanges

Please keep in mind that I create each piece by hand and often times the materials I use are unique, thus all are considered as custom pieces and sales are final. If you find that there is a flaw in the material (crimp, a split ring is not formed correctly… etc) please discuss with me, as I want to make sure my customers are taken care of. I cannot cover damage caused by unusual stress on the piece (a strong child yanking repeatedly on the end of a necklace causing the string to become loose for example.) which typically shows itself in the industry as snapped chains or through water damage, however you can always check with me to see if anything can be done. I do my best to offer quality control while I make the piece and before I ship out however I am human.

I do not offer refunds if you change your mind. I also do not offer refunds if there are postal delays outside of my control.

Once work is started on a custom design there will be no refunds issued.

As much as I would hope, jewelry is not fail-proof so care must be taken in regularly checking to make sure there is no damage and that your piece is in good working order prior to putting on. Mama metal and mama metal inspired pieces are no exception either, however I do my best to make sure each piece that flys out of here will be strong and will help you build memories for years to come.

If any issue arises with my piece I would be happy to take a look at it with proof of purchase from Mune Studios to you.

I ship my creations in sturdy packaging however sometimes the sorting machines are not kind. I make every effort to make sure that your package arrives safely however if the unfortunate does take place during shipping please contact me to discuss.

Wholesale? Trading, or bartering?

You bet! Please contact me so we can discuss what you have in mind.



Mune Studios and myself (Chalea) retain all rights to a custom commission. Exclusive agreements may be available and you can ask about that. This means that I retain the rights to make other pieces like it in the future. I may make small or drastic changes to future renditions of the piece if I desire and sell them to others. All profits would belong to Mune Studios. You may not take my mock-ups or drawings to other artisans and ask them to make the commission.

I will not take mock-ups or drawings done by other mama metal artisans without their express written permission either. I will not knowingly recreate pieces that they have done. I will not accept photos of another artisan’s work, nor will I knowingly break any copyright law. I will not knowingly incorporate items that are trademarked or copyrighted. If Mune Studios or Chalea becomes involved in a legal dispute over the piece you agree to indemnify Mune Studios and Chalea against the other party.

I do my best to give an accurate quote on time and price. Please allow for a 10% variance in both. If you request drastic changes I reserve the right to require an additional material fee which we can discuss, however I have not had to utilize this part yet.

You agree that I am able to “spam” aka show off the piece on all of my social media outlets, advertise, and even show the design in person through printed and in demonstrations. If the piece is a surprise then please give me a heads up so I can be respectful of that.

Repairs from pieces by other artisans?

I’m sorry but I do not work on another artisan’s creation. Please discuss with them. ­

Additions to pieces by other artisans?

I’m sorry but I do not make additions to other artisan’s works.

Repairs BY other artisans?

I will not approve this as in most cases.


I understand and love the fact that you can wear this jewelry around little hands! The jewelry I create however are for adults only. Please do not allow a child or minor to wear or play on their own with one of my pieces, especially while unsupervised. Safety is my number one priority and I ask that you also keep it in mind. :o)